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Tata Tiago EV FAQs

Q1. What is the cost of the Tata Tiago EV's most expensive model?

ANS. The top-tier Tata Tiago EV model costs 12.03 Lakh ex-showroom (Vijayawada).

Q2. What is the Tata Tiago EV's EMI (Vijayawada)?

ANS. The EMI for the Tata Tiago EV's base model is Rs. 16,810 per month at a rate of 10.5% for a 60-month term.

Q3. Who are the Tata Tiago EV's main rivals?

ANS. MG Comet EV, Tata Tigor EV, and Tata Nexon EV Prime are the top 3 rivals of Tata Tiago EV.

Q4. How Wide is the Tata Tiago EV's boot?

ANS. The boot space in Tata Tiago EV is 240 L. View full specification of Tiago EV

Q5. What are the Tata Tiago EV's best financing options?

ANS. Get up to 100% of a loan for a new car! Your old automobile will help you pay for your new one with a loan against it!

Q6. How long does it take a Tata Tiago EV to charge completely?

ANS. The Tiago EV needs 58 minutes (10-80%) to completely charge.

Q7. How long does the Tata Tiago EV's battery last?

ANS. The Tiago EV's battery capacity is 24 KWh.

Q8. Fast Charging support not not?

ANS. Indeed Yes

Q9. What is the Tata Tiago EV's battery range?

ANS. The 24 KWh battery pack for the Tata Tiago EV has a range of 315 kilometres per charge.

Q10. How long is the Tata Tiago EV's battery warranty?

ANS. The Tata Tiago EV's battery and motor pack have an eight-year warranty.

Q11. How many miles can a Tata Tiago EV travel on a single charge?

ANS. Tata Tiago EV runs 315 km/charge on a single charge.

Q12. How much time does it take to charge Tata Tiago EV give per charge?

ANS. It varies on the battery size, the type of charger you are using, the charging capacity, and other environmental factors as well.58 Min(10-80%)

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