This will create new curiosity to know about Top 20 Electric Vehicles (EVs) Part Manufacturer (Firm) Live In USA .

EVs are considered a more sustainable and environmentally friendly oppose to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs) because they produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Here is the List of Top 20 Electric Vehicles Part Manufacturers

Electric Vehicles Part Manufacturer

EVs offer several advantages, including lower operating costs due to reduced fuel consumption and lower maintenance requirements compared to traditional vehicles. They also contribute to reducing dependence on fossil fuels and help mitigate climate change. However, some challenges remain, such as limited charging infrastructure in certain areas and the energy density and cost of batteries, which impact the range and price of EVs.

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The adoption of electric vehicles is growing rapidly worldwide as governments, automakers, and consumers increasingly recognize their potential benefits for the environment and energy sustainability. In this blog we are unveiling for you the Top 20 powerful manufacturers live in USA dominion the future, These companies indeed are holding space in the electrifying world not only the part we are reveling some other brilliant minds installing charging plant will insist you to recheck your battery power

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Hold your breath People, It is not just Roberts are getting ready the EVs body and playing with nuts, bolts and lubrication!. You will be more willing to updating yourself by knowing the latest powerful technology in Electric Vehicle (EVs), Here we go with List and details.

1. EV West

EV West is a firm established in California that specializes in electric vehicle (EV) conversions and components. The company was originated in 2009 by Michael Bream and expertise in turning classic cars into electric vehicles. They have gained familiarities for their work in converting iconic vehicles, such as the Volkswagen Beetle, Porsche 911, and BMW 3 Series, into electric versions.

In addition to conversion kits, EV West also offers individual components for electric vehicle conversions, such as motors, motor controllers, battery systems, chargers, and accessories. They source high-quality components and work with reputable suppliers to ensure the reliability and performance of their products. I recommend visiting their official website or contacting them directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

2. Zero EV (FellTen)

Zero EV, an electric vehicle conversion firm established in the United Kingdom. The FellTen is a conversion of the classic Land Rover Defender, transforming it into an all-electric vehicle.

Zero EV expertized in turning classic cars into electric vehicles by retrofitting them with electric drivetrain components. The FellTen is one of their popular conversions, offering the benefits of zero-emission driving while making the classic design and ruggedness of the Land Rover Defender. I recommend visiting their official website or contacting them directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

3. EV Source

EVsource is a top manufacturer of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and respected services. They provide wide range of products, including electric vehicle charging stations for residential, commercial, and public use. Moreover, they provide installation, maintenance, and consulting services to help businesses, municipalities, and individuals adopt electric vehicle charging technology.

4. Electric GT

Netherlands established this firm is serving a full EV swap resolution for any ICE-based vehicle. They usually deliver a complete package of EV swap systems where you get all the necessary parts like connectors, motors, batteries, BMS, etc. along with the technology demanded.


Portland established this firm is inspired by the manufacturing of Tesla’s electric car, The founder of EV Drive got stimulated from there to build an plant that delivers the parts to manufacture high-performance electric vehicles like Tesla.

6. ReVolt System

This firm implements and manufactures high electric drivetrain solutions for various technologies, including electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and other electrified transportation systems, Moreover, it sells Tesla EV Parts also.


Canadian electric vehicles, it’s worth noting that several automakers in Canada and sells moreover the parts of EV from very initial to the advance. They have implemented and manufactured electric vehicles, including the Electra Meccanica Solo and the Lion Electric Company’s electric buses and trucks.

8. QuantumScape

QuantumScape is a firm that aim on the development of solid-state lithium-metal batteries offers serious improvement in speed charging, safety, energy density causeway Electric Vehicle with quick charging and longer distance. This firm was originated in 2010 and has obtained improved heed in the electric vehicle industry.

9. Borg Warner

A global automotive technology firm that expertized in the appearance, implements, and producing of high-tech propulsion systems for vehicles. BorgWarner delivers a huge area of products and technologies that supplies to the efficiency, performance, and sustainability of vehicles, including internal combustion engines, hybrid and electric propulsion systems. Borg Warner specialization and Goods offering includes.

  • Turbochargers
  • Dual-clutch transmissions
  • Electric Motors and Power Electronics
  • Emissions Systems
  • Thermal Systems

10. Eaton Group

Eaton Group co-operate in multi-industries, including electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power solutions. From featured tech electronics and energy maintenance systems to significant charging building solutions.

11. Panasonic

Panasonic Group is a multinational electronics and technology company originated in Japan. It was started in 1918 and since become one of the highest and most recognized electronics companies in the world. Panasonic indeed focusing to build high performance batteries and battery management solution to generate quick and charging capacities which empowers the Electric Vehicle growth.

Panasonic Specialization and Goods Offering Includes

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive Systems
  • Industrial Solutions
  • Energy Solutions
  • Business Solutions

12. LG Energy Solution

LG Energy Solution is Mainly aimed on the development and manufacture of high-tech lithium-ion batteries for various technology, including electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems (ESS). A renowned producer in the electric vehicle industry, delivering a huge value of innovative goods that implies to the growth and stand of electric mobility.

13. Aptiv

Aptiv mainly focusing to deliver high tech technology and advance electric and electronic system for electric automotive industry. The company experts in vehicle connectivity, autonomous driving, electrification, and active safety rating technologies.

14. Continental AG

Known German automotive manufacturing company expertized in various technologies and plays important role for solutions for the automotive industry. With their innovative products grow the scope of electric mobility

Panasonic Specialization and Goods Offering Includes

  • Automotive Technology
  • Tires
  • Vehicle Connectivity and Infotainment
  • Automotive Interior Solutions
  • Electric Mobility
  • Industrial Products

15. Magna International

Magna International is global automotive technology and productive company mainly focusing to build the scope of electric mobility and is leading deliverer of automotive. Dealing with advance electric system to increase electric vehicle performance, efficiency and range which includes electric drivetrains, battery systems, and power electronics with installation of consolidated connectivity and features.

Magna Specialization and Goods Offering Includes

  • Vehicle Components and Systems
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Electric and Autonomous Technologies

16. Lear Corporation

Lear Corporation is a global automotive technology firm that expertized in seating and electrical systems for vehicles. It is Leading deliverer of major automaker over the globe focusing to shape the future of electric vehicle industry. Moreover, aiming to build advance and lightweight materials with will helps for high-tech ergonomic designs to maximize comfort and interior space.

Lear Corporation Specialization and Goods Offering Includes

  • Seating Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • E-Systems
  • Connected Car Technologies
  • Automotive Seating Innovations

17. Silicon Labs

Leading provider of Advance silicon semi-conductor, solution for various technologies, including automotive, industrial, Internet of Things (IoT), and consumer electronics

Silicon Labs Specialization and Goods Offering Includes

  • IoT Solutions:
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems
  • Timing and Synchronization
  • Automotive Solutions

18. TE Connectivity

Global technology firm that designs and manufactures a huge area of connectivity and sensor solutions for various industries includes electric automotive, It is leading deliverer of connectors, sensors, and cables that permits significant power transmission, data communication, and control within advance electric vehicles.

TE Connectivity Specialization and Goods Offering Includes

  • TE Connectivity
  • Sensor Solutions
  • Relays and Switches
  • Antennas
  • Antennas

19. Hyllion

Global and dynamic firm Expertized in delivering electrified powertrain and sustainable solutions for commercial transports mainly aiming implementing technology that would support to electrifying the efficiency and shaping the future of commercial industry.

Hyllion Specialization and Goods Offering Includes

  • Electrified Powertrain Solutions
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Natural Gas Solutions
  • Intelligent Fleet Telematics

20. Gentherm

Global technology firm Expertized in high-tech thermal management solutions for automotive industry, with a primary aiming temperature control on electric automotive installation. Gentherm is a leading deliverer of thermal comfort and energy management technologies.

Genthern Specialization and Goods Offering Includes

  • Automotive Thermal Systems
  • Battery Thermal Management
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Medical Thermal Systems
  • Research and Development


We have listed the top 20 companies producing parts used in electric vehicles. Explore their Official Website to grasp the depth understanding about individual Manufacturer and start feeling updated with components used in EVs.

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