Is graphene future revolution for electric vehicles or alert to human DNA technology ?




Graphene has the perspective to revolutionize certain applications and industries, adding the automotive sector and alteration to Human DNA enables change in human nature. As long as it keeps proposal for renovating EVs battery technology, its wits extensive research and development phase is in still for EVs battery installation.

Moreover, Numerous platform of skin-related technology have demonstrated proposal for graphene potential. Due to its bizarre characteristics, which comprise superior mechanical strength, flexibility, and electrical conductivity, it is an intriguing material for use in wearable technology, sensors, and biological applications (alteration in human nature like DNA). 

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EVclouts evaluating Power of Graphene (On research based)

Transplant Wearable Devices on Human skin or over skin (Need to review it):

Because of its unique characteristics and electrical conductivity, graphene can be used to create skin-applied wearable technology. These tools can keep an eye on things like heart rate, body temperature, and hydration levels and even More. The high sensitivity of graphene permits precise measurements, and the material's thinness and light weight guarantee user comfort. 

Delivery of Medicine OR Drug

Delivery of Medicine OR Drug uses for materials based on graphene have been investigated into. The power of graphene to interact with molecules and its large surface area make it a possible choice for controlled release of medicinal agents. By functionalizing graphene with certain chemicals, it can be utilized to administer medications or cure ailments of the skin like infectious disease .

Biocompatible Power

Bioelectrodes for use in biomedicine can be made using graphene due to its electrical conductivity and biocompatibility. These electrodes can be used to track brain activity, muscle activity, or even to help people with neurological impairments recover.

G. enables Skin Cell regeneration

Applications or Materials based on graphene have demonstrated power for resisting infection related to human skin. They can act as a bridge to stop bacterial infections, and promote regeneration of skin cell. Because of its bizarre chemical formula, graphene can also be used with growth factors or antimicrobials to speed up the healing of wounds.


We can perceive the Power/Potentials of  Graphene installing it on Human skin or Human, More advance research or program need to be fully explored to understand the consequences before it program for human. Moreover advance approval need to be taken for any practice of graphene to humans , Medicines and Cosmetic products.
It is crucial to guarantee the reliability, not harmful to living tissue, and impact over time of graphene-based materials by means of strict testing and adherence to relevant laws and regulations, as with any substance used in contact with human skin.

How G’s potential can be compatible for the performance of EVs car batteries?


Graphene can be proven compatible for the performance of EVs battery since it has unique Atomic Structure causing it to Superb Electrical Conductor by enhancing charge transfer and minoring resistance enables faster charging times and storing more energy.

High surface area and ability to capture for ions will support EVs battery to expand the Storage energy Capacity which is helping to Further Improve and compelling EVs for travel long distance .

As we mentioned already With the property of High Electric conductivity and responsive charge transfer capacity EVs battery charge can be improved. Moreover overcome the one of the concern of Owner have for EVs Battery charging time.

Because of its exceptional stability and strength, graphene holds promise as a material to extend the life of batteries. Its capacity to withstand numerous cycles of charging and discharging without degrading could result in batteries for electric vehicles that are more resilient and long-lasting.

As compared to Conventional Battery, Graphene Based batteries have addition advantages and security features like its Thermal Conductivity material enables heat be dissipated more responsible and minimize the thermal off and battery fires


Graphene is not fully explored despite its potential advantages, Still Graphene has many challenges to accept it before commercialize the use of it in Automobile Industries, These Challenges involves installation of Graphene into manufacturing of commercial batteries process, efficient in term of cost, adaptability

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