How Tesla EVs manufacturing and Shipping is Growing each year , Tesla Production And Deliveries Graphed Through Q2 2023: New Records



Tesla EVs manufacturing and Shipping is Growing each year

In the subsequent half of 2023, Tesla  significantly boosted its international electric vehicle manufacturing and dispatching, breaking new records.

credit : insideevs | evclouts

Evaluations in both Model 3/Model Y and Model S/Model X classifications have drastically improved.
In this article, we will evaluate the numbers and charts to  comprehend the growth and what can be anticipated in the very near.

Q2 2023 outcomes

Tesla produced 479,700 electric vehicles worldwide in Q2, a new record for the second half of the year. This represents an increase of roughly 86% on an annual basis. Additionally, it represents an improvement over Q1 by almost 39,000 units (440,808, which was the previous top result).

The Model 3/Model Y accounts for the majority with 460,211 units sold, a new record and an increase of 90% compared to the previous year. Tesla obviously makes a lot of effort to market its 2 foremost bestselling EVs (primarily the Model Y, which substantially exceeds the Model 3).

Although it increased by 19% previous year to 19,489 pieces, Model S/Model X manufacturing was still on par with Q1 levels. The end result is determined.

There were 466,140 customer dispatches overall around the world (up 83 % from the previous year). Also a fresh second half  record.

The Model 3/Model Y duo posted 446,915 dispatches, which is a fresh record and  boost of 87% from the preceding year, while the Model S/Model X duo posted 19,225 shipments (up 19 %).

After a Q1 slowdown caused by the shift in shipments from North America to other international regions (Europe, Asia), it sounds like the Model S/Model X are currently catching up.

Q2 2023 (from the preceding year):

  • Total manufacturing: 479,700 (up 86%)
    • Model 3/Y manufacturing: 460,211 (up 90%)
    • Model S/X manufacturing: 19,489 (up 19%)
  • Total dispatches: 466,140 (up 83%)
    • Model 3/Y dispatches: 446,915 (up 87%)
    • Model S/X dispatches: 19,225 (up 19%)

No range of semi electric tesla truck included

ModelManufacturingDispatchesOperating lease accounting applies.
Model S/X19,48919,2258%
Model 3/Y460,211446,9155%
table specification of tesla production as per record

Q1–Q2 2023 outcomes

To date, more than 920,000 electric vehicles have been manufactured and shipped to customers by Tesla globally this year.

The shipping market grew by 57 % and subsequently by 63 % compared to the previous year. Both numbers exceeded Tesla’s estimated goal of expanding its EV business by 50% every year, but let’s hold the thought that the business will be introducing cost drops two times this year, especially in Jan and Apr. in an attempt to boost ranks and deliveries.

Q1-Q2 2023 (from the preceding year):

  • Total manufacturing: 920,508 (up 63%)
    • Model 3/Y manufacturing: 881,582 (up 65%)
    • Model S/X manufacturing: 38,926 (up 27%)
  • Total deliveries: 889,015 (up 57%)
    • Model 3/Y shipping: 859,095 (up 61%)
    • Model S/X shipping: 29,920 (down 3%)

For comparison, in 2022 Tesla manufactured 1,369,611 EVs (up 47% from the preceding year) and shipped 1,313,851 (up 40% from the preceding year).

tesla-2023q2-ev-manufacturing-shipping evclouts
Credit: insideevs | evclouts
Credit: insideevs | evclouts

Shipments by model

  • Model 3/Y shipments
    Q2: 446,915 (up 87%)
    YTD: 859,095 (up 61%)
  • Model S/X shipments
    Q2: 19,225 (up 19%)
    YTD: 29,920 (down 3%)
Credit: insideevs | evclouts
credit: insideevs | evclouts

A brief glance at the entirety of the final results shows: Model S/Model X sales surpassed 630,000, while Model 3/Model Y sales are over 3.9 million.

credit : Insideev | EVclouts

Overall Manufacturing

  • Q2: 479,700 (up 86%)
    YTD: 920,508 (up 63%)
credit: Insideevs | evclouts

manufacturing by model

  • Model 3/Y manufacturing
    Q2: 460,211 (up 90%)
    YTD: 881,582 (up 65%)
  • Model S/X manufacturing
    Q2: 19,489 (up 19%)
    YTD: 38,926 (up 27%)
credit: insideevs | evclouts
credit : Insideevs | EVclouts

Tesla exported more than 1.63 million EVs over the span of the preceding 4 quarters. Over 4.5 million Tesla EVs have been manufactured and shipped overall.

In 2023, it’s predicted that Tesla will produce and market roughly 1.8 million EVs (compared to 1.3 million pieces in 2022). We are now thinking about how near it may be to 2 million.

credit : insideevs | evclouts


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