The Lacama 2.0 electric motorbike from Italian Volt is expected to go into shipment in 2023




The widely anticipated Lacama 2.0 electric motorbike from Italian Volt is organised to go into manufacturing in the 3rd quarter of 2023. The corporation’s new buyer, Tazzari EV, is preparing to begin producing this maximum capacitance motorbike in Imola, Italy.

Lacama 2.0 electric motorbike
  • The Lacama 2.0 electric motorcycle from Italian Volt is expected to go into shipment in 2023.
  • A powerful longitudinal motion electric motor with outstanding efficiency potential is featured in the Lacama 2.0.
  • The motorbike comes with modern technological features, flexible bodywork, and numerous transportation method.
  • The buying of Tazzari Electric EV and its transfer to Imola represents a noteworthy achievement for the production goals of Italian Volt.
Lacama 2.0 electric motorbike

Italian corporation Volt has indeed been causing a stir in the business for electric bikes, having joined illustrious names like Energica and Zero Motorcycles. Since its started development in 2016, the Lacama electric motorcycle has sought to provide a customised experience for passengers accommodated to the preferences of each rider. The company began taking pre-orders for the bike, which ends up costing $250 USD, somewhere at Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2018. At the time, this outstanding machine cost a staggering $38,000 to purchase.

The COVID-19 pandemic, however, severely delayed Italian Volt’s release schedule. The company announced its return at EICMA 2021 and promised to start selling motorcycles in the first quarter of 2022. Sadly, this goal was not accomplished. Tazzari EV bought the business in 2022, moving its headquarters to Imola. The exciting news is that Tazzari management has declared that the Lacama will begin production in the third quarter of 2023, which has been eagerly anticipated.

Lacama 2.0 electric motorbike

This maximum capacitance motorbike, now referred to as the Lacama 2.0, keeps the Italian Volt branding while making significant design changes. It has an impressive 110 kilowatts and 230 Newton-meters (161 pound-feet) of torque from an axial flow dc motor (150 horsepower). A emission belt that transfers power to the back wheel allows for a maximum velocity of 230 kilometres per hour (144 miles per hour), which is higher than the previous model’s cap of 200 kilometers an hour (125 miles per hour).

Lacama 2.0 electric motorbike

With the furthermore of a “Rocket” mode, the electric powertrain has undergone appreciable significant improvement. This mode accelerates the bike from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.8 seconds. The Lacama 2.0 boasts a 400-volt battery pack made of Samsung cells and a riding range of up to 125 miles on a single charge. Additionally, it has Sport, Eco, and Rain modes that let riders adjust the required power to their tastes and the current transport conditions.

The Lacama 2.0’s single-piece aluminium light interception and frame for its riding gear ensure both lightweight construction and durability. The chassis system includes infinitely adjustable rear mono-shocks including front hlins reversed forks. Brembo provides the rear axle disc along with the front twin radially mountable discs, ensuring dependable skid resistance.

Lacama 2.0 electric motorbike

Additionally impressive is the Lacama 2.0’s cutting-edge gadgets. It has a 4.3-inch full-color TFT display, device accessibility, and instinctive adaptive control. The motorbike also has a six-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) that drives refined lean-sensitive traction control and ABS systems.

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Each Lacama 2.0 motorcycle will be individually made to the owner’s specific requirements, as was stated earlier. Owners can contribute new designs before production because the bodywork can be completely customised. Italian Volt will use the method of 3D printing to bring these unique designs to life, offering options for safety feature, cafe-racer, and mountain bike design features. There will be 22 different colours from which to choose.

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