Tesla NACS Charger , List of Upcoming EVs compatible with Supercharger access.




These EV manufacturers will soon obtain connectivity to Tesla’s Supercharger network and CCS ports to operate effectively with NACS to access Tesla’s Superchargers.

ford using tesla NACS
Ford | EVclouts

The Case of EV Revive is quite difference from  petrol or diesel, Forks who drive these  two categories can pull vehicles up to almost any fuel station and get it done without a second thought. For EV drivers, it’s not exactly straightforward. As long as  EVs have charge ports option  available for electric vehicles, including the peculiar CHAdeMO, the more prevalent Combined Charging System (CCS), and Tesla’s proprietary North American Charging Standard (NACS) For the time and  Other automakers seem eager to adopt Tesla’s system as the norm.

The industry considers Tesla’s NACS charge port and the company’s vast network of Superchargers to be the global standard. In May,  American multinational automobile manufacturer Ford became the first carmaker to consent to work with Tesla and embrace the NACS plug. Other automakers also agreed to unveil their collaboration with Tesla. A recent announcement by SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers) also stated that the NACS connector would be harmonized.

Evclouts overview of those expected to adopt Tesla’s plug as well as those we’ve heard are in discussions to do so, as well as other automakers and charging networks. As new agreements are made official or as we learn of new prospective agreements, we’ll update this list.

Automakers with Tesla Agreements


ford using tesla NACS
Ford | EVclouts

Ford Intended for upcoming EVs will have the standard Nacs Plug somewhere in 2025, Ford EV owners will have access to the Tesla Supercharger network beginning in the winter of 2024. Ford’s Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning momentarily have a CCS-type charge port. However, the provision of  an adapter will make it possible for them to use Tesla’s fast chargers. 


After Ford, An American multinational automotive manufacturing GM (General Motor) was listed second to agreed to embrace Tesla’s charge port . Beginning in 2024, GM EV owner will have the opportunity to use an adapter that empowers their CCS ports to operate effectively with NACS to access Tesla’s Superchargers. Commencing in 2025, GM will start producing NACS a requirement for all of its upcoming EVs. The business added that it would provide adapters so that models with NACS-equipped batteries might use CCS chargers.


Rivian, an American electric vehicle manufacturer, also accepted to collaborate with Tesla after considering Ford and Gum. The R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV will acquire NACS ports sometime in 2025. In the subsequent year, an adapter for those models will be made accessible.


Nissan using tesla NACS
Nissan | EVclouts

Swedish automotive brand Polestar and Volvo EVs, agreed to  begin using the NACS port in 2025, Just like the other companies, an adapter will be released to render their CCS ports compatible with Tesla’s Superchargers. Polestar and Volvo will additionally supply a NACS-to-CCS adapter for individuals who desire a line to a non-Tesla charger.

Supposed Tesla Conversations with Automakers

hyundai using tesla NACS
Hyundai | Evclouts

Hyundai, a South Korean multinational automaker that also owns the Kia and Genesis brands, showed interest in designing the EVs to be compatible with NACS Port, according to a Reuters report. Despite the Korean multinational automaker’s widespread expressions of zeal, Hyundai President Jaehoon Chang reportedly indicated anxiety with regard to the reality that Tesla’s 400-volt fast-chargers now do not enable the faster charging speeds that Hyundai’s 800-volt battery framework is capable of on alternative chargers.


According to a Reuters report, Stellantis management is Planning to make it official, which has not yet been made, that the company has agreed to collaborate with Tesla’s charge port. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Maserati, and Ram are just a couple of the manufacturers that Stellantis represents on the US automotive industry.


According to Reuters, Volkswagen, a German automaker,confirmed that it had agreed to collaborate with Tesla, Volkswagen’s agreement to use a NACS port may inspire other brands that are part of its portfolio, which includes Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche, and Lamborghini in the American market.

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